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Promos By Hyphen: The Ryback Predicament

I remember watching Extreme Rules with Thomas, Anthony, Moose, and Asti back in April when Ryback made an unscheduled appearance on the stage. As he trudged his way to the ring, Thomas asked me what I thought of this newest addition to the WWE roster.

“Not much. He’s strong, but his in-ring technique can use some work. And squashing a bunch of local nobodies isn’t going to get him over with fans. And the Goldberg chants do not help.”

Ryback went on to squash two wrestlers that night, and despite his ridiculous strength (he had both men up in his Shell Shocked finisher, a cradle suplex lifted and transitioned into a running horizontal muscle buster. Thanks Wikipedia!), I didn’t see the gimmick going anywhere. Extreme Rules was the same PPV where Brock Lesnar had mauled John Cena, so I didn’t see much room for another monster on the roster. Even Brodus Clay had to use the Funkasaurus gimmick to get over with the fans.

Ryback had previously wrestled for WWE as Skip Sheffield in The Nexus bu…

Trike Adventures - #04: Where No Man Has Fallen Before! (Guest: Mike "The Buzz-Saw" Asti)

After a hiatus I caused, Trike Adventures returns! Corey "MF'N" Brill returns as well as everyone's favorite heel, Mike "The Buzz-Saw" Asti! Topics covered include: going to the movies to see a film more than once, a few "left behind" stories are shared, Corey tries to explain that it's hard out here for a gay man, Asti brings another epic story to the table, this one about Triple AAA and then follows it up with a story about how he's being sued, I go on a Facebook rant, Anthony finally admits his love for The Buzz-Saw, and Thomas questions whether it was a space jump or a space fall that the world watched this past Sunday. Time's slipping away and in two weeks we'll be back at it again, better get caught up now!

The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show - Cult Of Personality

Cult of personality is the title of the song CM Punk has been using as his theme ever since he dropped the pipe bomb heard round the world. It has been very fitting for his new heel character and is equally suitable for the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show's resident media personality and heel. Much like CM Punk, Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti is the BEST IN THE WORLD at what he does and is a cult of personality.

Mike's tag team partner for the broadcast is non other than the hip-hop spewing, old school hat rocking, comic book nerd himself, Kelen "BHYPHEN" Conley. When these two get together it gives the feel of a Wrestlemania main event every time.

This match is scheduled for one fall and will feature the CM Punk and Paul Heyman's pairing, who Punk should fight at the "Hell In A Cell" PPV, the hitting of a fan incident, Vince McMahon's recent involvement on and off TV, how far WWE will take Team Hell No's Daniel Bryan and Kane, and what the futur…