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The Slobberknocker Chronicles - Issue #2: Triple H Is A Jerk (Guest: Mike "The Buzz-Saw" Asti and Anthony "Triple S" Sellers)

The Slobberknocker Chronicles returns for a second installment! Along for the ride with Thomas and I are fellow co-founder Anthony Sellers and The Howitzer & Buzz-Saw Show's very own Mike "The Buzz-Saw" Asti! We spend a good chunk of this episode... trashing Triple H (Asti), trashing Sting's WWE Hall Of Fame chances (Asti), condemning the WWE for rehashing the old Kane/X-Pac team (Asti), moaning about Sheamus/Del Rio III (me), and laying out the perfect way to set up Lesnar/Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIX (all me)! We also tossed in some Austin/Punk speculation for good measure. So before Punk/Lawler II takes place, ring that bell and get this episode started!

Victory Jumpoff Radio - Show #13: Aaliyah & Michael

Victory Jumpoff Studios 5.0 is up and running so that heralds the return of Victory Jumpoff Radio! In this edition, I unveil the new format! Instead of your previous jam packed 25 song episodes, I've now trimmed it down to a much more digestible 14. And to help me kick off the new VJR era, I have none other than Aaliyah and Michael. Since the 11th anniversary of Aaliyah's passing was just the 25th and MJ's 54th birthday is the 29th (I get it all wrong on the episode, sorry), I give you 7 songs each from both of these amazing artists. While nothing could top my birthday tribute to Mike last year, I think this still serves his and Aaliyah's memories well.

Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love)
Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
Aaliyah - Back & Forth
Michael Jackson - Scream
Aaliyah - Try Again
Michael Jackson - Dangerous
Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Remix)
Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
Aaliyah - One In A Million
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Trike Adventures - #01: What Does It Taste Like?

With a little less alcohol, the Trike Adventures rides again with special guest Corey and Rebecca! In this episode, we tried to keep it clean but it was no use. Thomas shares why Gianna Michaels is his favorite, Anthony refuses to put anything on the record, Corey reveals that he's never received badly, and Rebecca just says she hates receiving period. It was another 30 minute romp before the premiere of Breaking Bad and Political Animals, so press play before next Sunday comes!

Trike Adventures - #0: Silence Is Also Cathartic

In our first episode of Trike Adventures, things get crazy! I was upstairs so I told Thomas and Anthony to go start on the podcast and that I would join them shortly. When I caught up with them, I discovered Rebecca Crane and Corey Brill had joined them for a discussion about...something. Seeking to give the show some direction, I accepted the role as moderator and tried to make some sense out of our 30+ minute free-for-all. Topics include: porn, insults, stories of thievery, almost threesomes, and a little George Washington for good measure. Take a listen and remember: all we can do is try to do better next time.