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Promos By Hyphen: Why Jericho Must Win And Other Money In The BankMusings

A week or so before Chris Jericho’s Brazil incident in which he was suspended for 30 days for disrespecting the Brazilian flag, I was having a heated discussion on Twitter with Mike “The Buzz-Saw” Asti and Brandon Radcliffe. Brandon was saying that Jericho’s much ballyhooed return to the WWE was a failure because of the multiple PPV matches he had lost. Mike and I were trying to explain that while Jericho’s record has been terrible, the fact that a proven veteran came in just to help Sheamus and CM Punk legitimize themselves was no failure. Of course, Brandon tends to disagree with me no matter how many times I prove him wrong so he still ended the conversation feeling that he was right.

And as we go into this Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV, I have to agree with him now.

Suspension aside, Jericho has been putting on great matches since his January return. He was the last man Sheamus put out in January’s Royal Rumble, was literally knocked out at the Elimination Chamber, and lost back-to…