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Promos By Hyphen: TLC Is Upon Us...and Kane's Back

I've said before that being a fan of pro wrestling is a game of highs and lows. After last week's episodes of Raw and SmackDown, I was amped. Ready to write. But then life and finishing my CM Punk article intervened and this week's episodes of Raw and SmackDown rolled around.

And yes, SmackDown is taped. Let's not be childish about this. If you don't want spoilers, click to something else.

The 2011 Slammy Awards were held on Raw and they gave us a terrible rap battle, Lita and Road Dogg's return, and a tribute to Raw Interim General Manager John Laurinaitis.

And that was it. Well, until Kane showed up and sent Mark Henry running and John Cena to the mat. That was cool. Glad to have him back in the mask. Of course that shoots my January 2, 2012 theory to shit. More on that later.

I enjoy a good awards show. Probably why I sit through so many of them throughout the year. Or maybe I enjoy a good live tweet session (@BHYPHEN). Who knows. But the Slammys don't need …

Promos By Hyphen: CM Punk: How WWE and Phil Did Not Drop The Ball Part 2

FINALLY, the Hyphen has come back...whatever.

Before I finish off this long overdue article, let me respond to some of the comments from part 1.

Workmancer said:
I don't think Punk should have had the ball in the way he got it. He got the ball by shooting on the company and working angles on the Internet. It was brilliant... but you shouldn't pull back the curtain. Its like if on Lost... one of the characters brought up how one of the actresses slept with the director to get a job and said how ABC is ruining television.He should have gotten the title by being the best... not lifting the curtain.

Anyway... at the end of all of it, CM Punk was just a red carpet for HHH and Nash to stroll in on.

They could have done a lot more with Punk if they just "let him leave." He could have come back at Royal Rumble... won the match and said he's gonna unify the title as Wrestlemania... because he never lost the WWE title so since he can't go for his own title he'll go for …