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Promos By Hyphen: CM Funk: How WWE & Phil Dropped The Ball Part 1

I tried to give this article more time. I did. CM Punk has been on fire since right after the Capital Punishment PPV when he sat down on the Raw stage and cut the promo of a lifetime on everybody who mattered in the WWE. He faced the biggest name in the wrestling business, John Cena, and was actually booked to win. And when Vince McMahon charged Alberto Del Rio out with his Money In The Bank briefcase to steal the WWE Title back from Punk, the Voice of the Voiceless dodged the bullet and disappeared into the crowd. Unsigned and with the WWE Title in tow.

Easily the coolest shit I had seen in years.

And the WWE and Phil (Punk's real name) messed it up.

The random twitter pictures of Punk gallivanting around Chicago with the belt were awesome. It was the closest Wrigley Field had come to a title since 1908 (anyone watch Catching Hell by the way? Stupid Bartman.). Raw went on with McMahon announcing a tournament to declare a new WWE champion and before Rey Mysterio and The Miz could fac…

Promos By Hyphen: Night Of Champions 2011 Review

Yeah. I'm not thrilled about this.

I'm Kelen "B Hyphen" Conley. Rapper, writer, shoe salesmen.  But most importantly for this, I am a lifelong wrestling fan. I plan on being the wrestling blogger for BDL as long as they'll have me but enough of the formalities.

Mark Henry is World Heavyweight Champion.

I repeat. Mark. Henry. Is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

I'm not in shock that he beat my current favorite wrestler Randy Orton. I'm more shocked the WWE actually put it's most historic title on the World's Strongest Man. For years, Henry has toiled at mid-card level as he bounced from the Nation of Domination to his Sexual Chocolate storyline (look it up), to a guy who was thrown at Superstars who had been with WWE for shorter time periods as a "challenge". Sure, WWE threw the now defunct ECW title on Henry a few years back but anyone who's watched WWE for a month could tell you Mark never got a fair shot.

But more on that later. Matc…