09 February 2010

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #1: Why Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #1: Why Hip-Hop?

The debut episode of Hip-Hop Manifesto is here! We begin our strange and wonderful trip throughout hip-hop by telling our first times...no, not tlike that, but our first experiences with hip-hop! Hear! Chiv show his love for the Fat Boys then forget one of their names! Listen! As Hyphen screams at random moments over Nas' lyrics! Revel! In the awesome-ness that is DJ Premier! It all starts right here, right now! It's a hip-hop world, and you're all just living in it!

(Also expect a few spikes in sound as the recording volume was expertly turned up halfway through the episode.)

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Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #1: Why Hip-Hop?

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