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Better In The Dark - Episode 75: Sex Mo-sheens and Private Dicks: The Shaft Series....Uncut!

To celebrate Black History Month, The Guys Outta Brooklyn invite back the official BITD Maestro, B-Hyphen, to discuss the greatest blaxploitation hero ever: Shaft! From the original film that became a surprise hit to the tame television series to the remake featuring Samuel L. Jackson, we trace the entire history of the character that Richard Roundtree made an icon. Plus, in keeping with this year being our weirdest ever, Kelen gets five minutes to rant about Spider-Man, we debut the latest version of our theme song, and the guys somehow give birth to the new character sensation of 2010: Lil' Blade! Close the door yourself and get to clicking!

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #5: Album vs. Album #1 - Reasonable Doubt

Chiv and I continue our first "Album Vs. Album" series. In this first installment, we put former foes Nas and Jay-Z against each other once again as we compare the albums they released in 1996. Chiv explains how he completely ignores "Feelin' It", I take Jay-Z to task over whether "22 Two's" really came off the top of his head or if he wrote it down, and we end things on a somber note as we both "Regret(s)" doing this part of the episode in the first place. Get your Super Mean Pimp on and start listening!

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #4: Album vs. Album #1 - It Was Written

Chiv and I begin our "Album vs. Album" series where we take two albums, break each one of them down and then decide the overall winner. In this first installment, we put former foes Nas and Jay-Z against each other once again as we compare the albums they released in 1996. Be ready as I reveal I have 2Pac on speed dial, Chiv asks Foxy Brown questions she can't hear, and we both cower in fear at the phrase "Nas Is Coming"! As Diddy would say, "Let's go people!"

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #3: The Best Of 2008 Part 2

And we're back! Chiv and Hyphen finish off their two hour long conversation about their favorite hip-hop music of 2008! In this hour, Chiv talks about Murs For President and The Million Dollar Backpack while Hyphen goes in on Paper Trail and 808s & Heartbreak! And as an added bonus if you call now, they'll even throw in honorable mentions and disappointing albums!

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #2: The Best Of 2008 Part 1

Just when you thought they had given up, BEHOLD! The return of Chivalry and B Hyphen aka Hip-Hop Manifesto!!!: The Podcast! After a 7 month layoff, the guys got together on New Year's Eve to recap their favorite music of 2008 by picking 5 albums or mixtapes that they couldn't get enough of. This is part one so go to Episode 3 immediately after you finish this one. Happy 2009!

Hip-Hop Manifesto - Episode #1: Why Hip-Hop?

The debut episode of Hip-Hop Manifesto is here! We begin our strange and wonderful trip throughout hip-hop by telling our first, not tlike that, but our first experiences with hip-hop! Hear! Chiv show his love for the Fat Boys then forget one of their names! Listen! As Hyphen screams at random moments over Nas' lyrics! Revel! In the awesome-ness that is DJ Premier! It all starts right here, right now! It's a hip-hop world, and you're all just living in it!

(Also expect a few spikes in sound as the recording volume was expertly turned up halfway through the episode.)

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